HP Tuners VCM Suite GM Pro

HPT Digital DashVCM Editors Flash utility allows the user to read the VCM/PCM flash memory and save it to a binary file. The Flash utility allows a valid calibration to be written to the VCM/PCM and also incorporates an automatic VCM/PCM recovery capabilities for ultimate protection against any reflashing problems that may be encountered.
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WiFi Pineapple Mark V

The WiFi Pineapple Mark V is the latest generation wireless network auditing tool from Hak5. With its custom, purpose built hardware and software, the WiFi Pineapple enable users to quickly and easily deploy advanced attacks using our intuitive web interface.
WiFi Pineapple Mark V
Hak5 focuses on making easily accessible, affordable and infinitely expandable wireless hacking tools. Since 2008 the WiFi Pineapple has been serving penetration testers, law enforcement, military and government with a versatile wireless auditing platform for almost any deployment scenario.

From a man-in-the-middle hot-spot honeypot to an out-of-band pentest pivot box, the WiFi Pineapple is unmatched in performance, value and versatility.

The WiFi Pineapple Mark V is precision engineered as the ultimate hacker companion. Designed from the ground up with thoughtful focus on performance and usability, the Mark V packs a powerful punch. The result is a truly unique pocketable pentest kit:

Dual unlocked high gain radios emphasize the strengths of two chips infamous for their hacking potential; the AR9331 and the RTL8187. SMA connectors for professional antennas.

Twice the RAM and ROM of the previous generation plus expandable memory by Micro SD for swap and storage in FAT or EXT means smooth operation with loads of data.

Auto-attack mode switches deliver customized boot-time payloads without the need to login. Simply flip the switches to your attack mode of choice and power on.

Simple Web Interface allows anyone to easily deploy attacks. Over the air downloads of infusions add web-based capabilities with one-click updates.

Hackable with a unique expansion bus for future “pineapple slices”. Console access by easy to reach TTL Serial port.

Practically unbrickable with bootloader-based recovery web interface or quickly reset to factory defaults with the flip of a switch.

Flexible power options. Variable voltages for operation from 5v – 12v sources. International AC adapter standard. Optional Pineapple Juice battery packs for extreme 24-72 hour runtime.

Rugged and discrete small form factor case with tactical concealment options for short engagements or long term deployments.

Support for over 300 USB Mobile Broadband modems and out-of-band tunneling, pivoting or remote access.

Support for tunneling over SSH and VPN, passive monitor modes with intelligence logging, mesh networking capabilities.

Available Pentest Packages include aircrack-ng, dsniff, easy-creds, ettercap, hping3, httptunnel, karma, kismet, macchanger, mdk3, ngrep, nmap, nodogsplash captive portal, privoxy, ptunnel, snort, sslsniff, sslstrip, ssltunnel, stunnel, tcpdump, tor, and reaver.

Out of the box python, bash, php and support for ruby, perl.

CPU: 400 MHz MIPS Atheros AR9331 SoC.
Memory: 16 MB ROM, 64 MB DDR2 RAM
Disk: Micro SD support up to 32 GB, FAT or EXT, 2 GB Included
Mode Select: 5 DIP Switches – 2 System, 3 User configurable
Wireless: Atheros AR9331 IEEE 802.11 b/g/n + Realtek RTL8187 IEEE 802.11 a/b/g
Ports: (2) SMA Antenna, 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0, Micro SD, TTL Serial, Expansion Bus
Power: DC in Variable 5-12v, ~1A, 5.5mm*2.1mm connector, International Power Supply
Status Indicators: Power LED, Ethernet LED, Wireless 1 LED, Wireless 2 LED

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