Auxiliary fuse/relay panel

Looking for an elegant solution to controlling your Auxiliary lights and other devices? Fog lights, off road driving lights, radio circuits, and any other high power device requires it’s own wire harness. You can’t just tap into any old wire you find that has 12 Volts in it. It becomes awkward and dangerous to add another wire to the mess on the positive terminal of the battery every time you add a new device. There are fuse blocks available from Blue Sea and others, but if you also have a relay in your Aux circuit, where do you put that?

With quality parts from major vendors, I have developed a weather resistant fuse/relay panel that can be mounted on top of a wheel well or on the inner fender wall in the engine compartment, and will serve as a central hub for 5 relay switched Aux circuits and up to 5 always on fused Aux circuits. You run only one wire to the battery and with your switches and wires, you can control up to 10 Aux devices (5 switched and up to 5 fused).

Price: $95.00
Shipping: $15.00

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ToughBox 14 Mini-Box M350

ToughBox 14 Mini-Box M350 Based Intel Mini ITX System

Operating System: Win 7 Pro
Extra USB Ports: 2 Extra USB Ports
Memory: 2GB DDR2 SODIMM PC2-5300
Keyboards: Adesso Wireless Keyboard
Build & Test Service: Fast Ship-Parts Only
Power Supply: Vehicle Power Supply
Hard Drive: Intel 160GB Solid-State Drive
WiFi: Intel 802.11 Internal PCI-E
Bluetooth: Nano Bluetooth USB
Centrafuse Software: Centrafuse Navigation 3.0